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Not to be confused with The Loud House or the evil overlord man by the name The Lou

The Loud House TV Series is an evil TV show that airs on Nickelodeon. It is a propaganda tool of the evil group called The Loud House.

Unlike the rival Teletubbies TV shows, which are live-action, this show is a cartoon, animated by Lincoln Loud's Taiwanese slaves in a sweatshop. This enables more gratitous violence to be possible than if it was live-action.

Like the Teletubbies TV shows, everyone who dies in an episode returns in the next episode.

The show takes place in Royal Woods, which is where the Loud House organization operates in the Real UnWorld.

The show was initially written by Lincoln Loud himself, under the pseudonym "Chris Savino" ("Savino" is Squadala for "a method of brainwashing children"), but he got bored and left after 2 seasons, making up a story about "sexual allegations" to explain it. Now, it's written by his minions, such as Clyde McBride and Weenee.

Some of the episodes

Our brave guinea pig volunteer Vesta has volunteered to watch each and every soul-destroying episode to formulate a synopsis. Here are the ones he's gotten to so far:

  • The Loud House (pilot episode): Lincoln kills all his siblings after they make too much noise whilst he is doing the thing. Turns out there was a birthday party..
  • No Such Luck: Lincoln becomes a wizard and curses his sisters with infinite bad luck.
  • Ace Savvy: Lincoln sees the movie Fatman vs. Stupidman, which inspires him to become a superhero called "Ace Savvy", who goes around beating people up for no reason.
  • AverTed: Mr. T catches wind of another evil show, but is convinced by Happycat and Happycat's well-known half-brother to stand down and watch the chaos. Meanwhile, Lincoln arranges deaths that would make Flippy proud.
  • Funk Everything: Lincoln hires Tabi to blow up the Loud House.
  • Lincoln.exe.docx.zip.7z.tar.gz.co.uk.ne.jp: [DATA EXPUNGED] hyper-realistic [REDACTED] and then a skeleton popped out.
  • L85 House: Every evil show needs an episode centered around guns. This is that episode.


The show became so popular that it inspired lotsa merchandise, like comic books, lunch boxes, toys, and a flamethrower. It's got a movie by the name of The Loud House Movie on Netflix, where Lincoln takes over Scotland from the UnUK.

The show made lotsa money for Lincoln Loud, The Loud House organization, and Viacom. As a result, The Loud House now has more brand awareness than the Teletubbies. Po is not happy about this.