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Not to be confused with The Loud House (TV Series) or the evil overlord man by the name The Lou

The Loud House is a dangerous terrorist group based in Royal Woods, and the main rival to the Teletubbies. The main members, known as the Louds (from the Squadala Language word L’aud, meaning “the Antichrist”), are all billions of years old, but only age once every few billion years. This is why most of them appear to be kids or teens.

You’d expect the leader to be Lori, since she’s the oldest, but NOPE! Lincoln is actually the leader.

The group was extremely obscure until it gained a propaganda cartoon on Nickelodeon in 2016. (This was caused by Lincoln bribing Viacom, the Fakegee that runs the channel.) This cartoon inspired lotsa merchandise like comic books, lunch boxes, toys, and a flamethrower. It is also getting a movie on Netflix, where the Louds take over Scotland from the UnUK.


The Loud House used to be a division of The Barney Bunch. However, it split off into its own thing in 1992, when Lincoln Loud had a disagreement with Drew Pickles.

Despite being a terrorist group, The Loud House was obscure until 2016, when it got a propaganda cartoon on Nickelodeon. The show was initially written by Lincoln Loud himself, under the pseudonym "Chris Savino" ("Savino" is Squadala for "a method of brainwashing children"), but he got bored and left after 2 seasons, making up a story about "sexual allegations" to explain it. Now, it's written by his minions.

The Louds

The core of the group is eleven siblings known as the Loud Siblings. They don't actually have parents; that was made up for the cartoon. They were all created by Zalgo reproducing asexually (like an amoeba), but he disowned them for all the horrible things they did.

  • Lincoln Loud - The middle child, the leader, and the only "male" (biologically, they don't have genders, as they're terrifying Eldritch Abominations disguised as human children). Turned the Loud House from an obscure family of weird creatures, to an evil terrorist group.
  • Lori Loud - The oldest of the Louds. She is obsessed with smartphones, and stole the iPhone Infinity from Santa Claus.
  • Leni Loud - The dumbest Loud Sibling. The only person dumber is The Stupid One.
  • Luna Loud - The one that's obsessed with music. She has composed several "memetic eardrum-burst agents".
  • Luan Loud - The one that makes lame jokes. Her jokes are so lame that they make Ben Garrison comics seem funny.
  • Lynn Loud - The one that likes sports. She was banned from the Olympic Games for cheating.
  • Lucy Loud - The edgy one. Showed an UnAnything Team member a dead body while they were doing the research for this article. A real dead body.
  • Lana Loud - The one who likes getting dirty (not that definition, you pedo).
  • Lola Loud - The one who thinks she's a princess. Secretly wants to overthrow Lincoln as the leader.
  • Lisa Loud - The smart one. Has the same role within the Loud House organization that Dipsy does within the Teletubbies.
  • Lily Loud - The youngest of them. Has the power of explosive diarrhea on command.


Like the Teletubbies, the Loud House has minions, the most (in)famous being Clyde McBride and Ronnie-Anne Santiago. They are also associated with two other terrorist groups/elder god pantheons, known as The Casagrandes and the Big City Greens.

List of minions

  • Clyde McBride - The first minion to be recruited. Worships Lori like she's a goddess. Same species of Eldritch Abomination as the Louds.
  • Ronnie-Anne Santiago - Lincoln's girlfriend. Leader of the Loud House's sister/spinoff group, known as The Casagrandes.
  • Sid Chang - Ronnie-Anne's best friend who likes K-pop, skateboarding, and eating human souls.
  • Drillcat - A cat that will kill your family.
  • Blue Yoshi - The scourge of the Harkipedia universe, as seen in this article. Came to the UnUniverse via a time warp, and was recruited by Lincoln.
  • WaHappycat - A wa-version of Happycat. Also a minion of NEDMgee, but joined the Loud House because they pay their minions more money.
  • Cory Carson - A living car that runs people over. Like a lot of the Loud House minions, he also has his own cartoon.
  • Weenee - Weegee's weak son who joined the Loud House because he saw an infomercial for it on The Military History Channel late at night.
  • About 1000 Weegee Clones that Lincoln stole from Weegee's Army because Weegee wouldn't stop staring at him.