The Lou

This is what he looks like.


He approves of this page, but only because it has this picture on it.

The Lou is an evil overlord who has many evil minions. He is the leader of a cult known as the Cult of the Lou. He can falcon punch you and make you a minion. This attack is very much like Weegee's stare of death. He spawned one day and didn't know what to do with his life. So he watched TV all day in his house and became really fat from lack of exercise. He noticed his only friend Bowser got a job as a villain and took over part of Hyrule. Being a villain and taking over the world sounded fun. He went online and found one of Bowser's evil how too videos and rated and subscribed. After that he became a villain and is now trying to take over West Hyrule so he can rule with his friend Bowser. He is just one of those people who will one day take over the world. He has to be be careful because some of his minions are Fakegees. Nowadays he goes to the gym because he only recently realized that he is fat.

Unfortunately, many people have found out about The Lou when trying to search for the sucky TV show The Loud House, but hitting "Enter" before finishing their typing, thus causing them to search for The Lou instead. Due to this, The Lou is currently revolting against Nickelodeon to get them to cancel The Loud House so that Loud House fans don't find out about and begin to hate him just because they wanted to look up The Loud House but were lazy and only looked up "The Lou".


  • It's rumored that The Lou is a runaway Cog robot, specifically a Cold Caller. This would be ironic, as Cold Callers are the second-weakest Cog, yet The Lou is very powerful.
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