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The Lost Teletubbies are the Teletubbies who aren't known to be part of the main 4, typically becoming an unperson (or unteletubby?), killed, or otherwise distanced from the 4 main Teletubbies.

A blurry picture of the beige Teletubby with Po.


  • Doddy (went far away and created Candee)
  • Mumu (never existed found out that the Teletubbies were evil and shot by Dipsy while he was trying to escape; the BBC edited him out and pretends he never existed)
  • The Legendary White Teletubby (said that evil was boring, which made Po suck the air out of his lungs using Noo-Noo)
  • Thumper (used the Tubby-tron 3000 to turn into a Teletubby, but was turned back to a bunny by Tod and Copper in the show's hiatus. Is planning on turning back into a Teletubby in Teletubbies (2015 TV series).)
  • Aya (the beige teletubby that the others kept locked in the basement of Tubby Tower for no reason. Little is known about him, other than the fact his fur was beige. He was killed in the massacre, but returned via unknown methods. Fanart sneak peek released precisely 666 hours before airing.)
  • Nin, Sr. (the indigo teletubby and pronounced as expected. Introduced in G2S2E42, alongside Aya.)
  • Tado (left to cultivate Potatos, yes, really!)
  • Teepo (was abandoned as he is blind and weak)
  • Ruggut (hides in the ventilation systems of the Home Dome to spy on the Teletubbies)
  • Fugar (the first lost Tiddlytubby, with pure black fur; thought to be too evil for the Tiddlytubbies)
  • EsEs (the second lost Tiddlytubby, pure white fur: believed to have deserted the Tiddlytubbies early on)
  • Arayavondabakzalagu (believed to be a fake Tiddlytubby spy planted by the Legion of Captains, disappeared before the fight with Freddy)
  • El Tunas (believed to be the first identified Skeldertubby)
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