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The Judderman
The Judderman putting his 3rd life goal into action.
Gender: Male
Hair color: None, just wierd long sticks.
Eye color: Painted
Species: Mannequin
Home: A spooky forest
Death: Killed by Chuck Norriseegee with all his powers.
AKA: Metz Monster, Wooden Jack Frost
Likes: To kill Jack Frost, kill everyone and sell beer.
Education: None
Occupation: Beer seller
Known For: For being horrific, for selling Metz Beer.
UnRank: 800

The Judderman was an evil being that had 3 goals:

  1. To kill his brother, Jack Frost (no not that one)
  2. To crush every mortal being that exists (failed)
  3. To sell his own brand of beer

He hid in the UnUnited Kingdom during his lifespan, only coming out when, "the Moon is fat." We do not know what that means, but we guess it's when spacemen feed the Moon 9000.00000001 Bacon Sausages. Homer Simpson was his #1 customer, and nearly had a heart attack. The Judderman was confused to be Jack Frost by some, those people are now dead, but he poured beer on there graves for them to have a happy afterlife.


Pre Life

Before this abomination was brung into existence, his creator, Jack Frost, was planning to go to the UK, so he ice skated there to get there.

Early Years

Soon, Jack Frost found a mannequin, and tried to use his powers to turn it into a Jack Frost mannequin, he succeeded, but then it turned evil, and attacked Jack Frost, so Jack Frost froze it in ice, it then stayed stuck in ice or a year, soon he broke out and started running around like a maniac, he would throw chunks of wood at random people and use planks of wood as swords, soon the Brits form a angry mob and chased him into a spooky forest. This is where he hides nowadays.

Beer Life

Soon, The Judderman found a trail of broken beer bottles and followed them, he found an old shack with a sign that said, "BAR," he went inside, and was offered Metz Beer, he liked it, and then slaughtered everyone in this, "bar." He then claimed himself the owner of said brand and started offering it to underaged people, he also put drops of rat poison in the beer, only 4 people were killed, though. Soon, he got drunk on beer and got a, "idea" to kill his brother and everyone else.

End of it all!

Soon, he decided to try and see if Chuck Norriseegee liked his idea, the Texan Fakegee disapproved, and killed The Judderman with all his powers.