We live in a society bottom text

The Joker when he was alive.

The Joker is that one guy who knows that "WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY" and "BOTTOM TEXT". He's OVER 9000 percent sure you are living in a society currently. A common misconception is that he hates society but he actually just knows he's in one. He regularly goes to the Chum Bucket for his food because Batman goes to McDonald's and he's lame.

Childhood (1920-1939)

The Joker as a infant somehow joined in this "gang weed" and smoked a trillion blunts a day and got super high. Despite this he had functional lungs for the majority of his life after this point. After that God told him that he would die or something but that "it would all be fine", however the validity of this statement is questionable since he could have been on weed.

Adulthood (1940-1999)


The Joker once he got his architecture degree that went to no use decided to become a lame criminal. Doing nothing much except get caught by Batman. Other than that when he gets home after breaking out of prison the first thing he does is watch Fox News. The knowledge he gets from here makes him a super epic gamer. Eventually he goes on 4chan and also starts hating women and minorities. With this epic gamer fuel he eventually just dies in 1999. Just when it was getting started he died at age 79 after living a uneventful life nobody cared about. Did I mention how boring it was?

Joker stairs

Joker, performing a weird ritual on the stairs. Many believe he was doing the Do the Mario.


  • Fatman says "He's my favorite chair."
  • His best and only friend was 4chan Sniper.
  • He got reborn as Joker 1 year after death.
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