Irish Pumkin Man

Him in front of his tavern

The Irish Pumkin is a strange, nameless Pumkin of (possibly) Irish decent. Little information is known about this strange, mysterious Pumkin. What we do know is that he is either Irish, or he enjoys Saint Patrick's Day so much that he wants to celebrate it year round. He has stalker like tendencies, and has been known to sneak into Arlene to spy on Bobby Hill. It is also believed he is an expert at driving, due to the fact he own several vans, which are decorated in traditional Irish symbols.

Him next to his car

The Irish Theory

As stated above, if this Pumkin is indeed Irish, how did he grow up in Ireland in the first place? Although many people speculate that Pumkin' originated in the center if the United States of UnAmerica, not much is known about their origins. All of a sudden the just popped out of nowhere and took over a small amount of land in the Midwest that is now Pumkin World. Would this Pumkin be some sort of "missing link" that could be used to trace their origins? Or is this Pumkin just hell bent on celebrating his favorite holiday all year round?

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