The Hotel Mario show is a new UnTV show on WeegeeNet.

The first episode was made in 3679.


Season 1

S1:E1: Nice of the princess to invite us to a picnic, Gay Luigi?

Time: 10:46 S1:E2: Haunted Room 529

Time: 18:17

S1:E3: Skodwarde appears at the hotel after Gig appears out of nowhere and turns everyone into Srwakls and then Weegee kills everyone but then they come back to life for no reason and destroy Weegee.

Time: 35:43

S1:E4: so i herd u leik mudkipz Part 1

Time: 21:03

S1:E5: so I herd u leik mudkipz Part 2

Time: 41:28

S1:E6: The Haunted Hotel of Weegee

Time: 3:01

S1:E7: Po's Revenge

Time: 1:36:42

S1:E8: The Wonderful World of Hotel Mario

Time: 41:16

S1:E9: The Wonderful World of Hotel Mario: Nonstop Edition

Time: 24:17:52

S1:E10: Hotel Mario vs The Teletubbies

Time: 59:36

S1:E11: 1111111111

Time: 11:11

Season 2

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S2:E1: 2121212121

Time: 21:21

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