Bob Ross

The Happy Trees of Bob Ross is a shame from Hollyshame about Bob Ross and his happy trees. They are happy because he said so, end of story. The goal of the shame is to... there isn't really a goal at all to be honest. It's just some stupid painting shame. You don't even get to paint. Most of the shame is just Bob Ross babbling on about some random crap. It can be played on the Nintendo Wii U, the Play Station 4, the Xbox ONE, and the NintenD'oh Zii.

The shame starts out in a land to the second star on the right, and straight on 'till morning. After a brief fight with Captain Hook, you come back to the real world (not some stupid magical fantasy land), and Bob Ross teaches you how to paint. The rest of the shame is you painting Bob's paintings. Except when you try to paint, it has already decided what everything is going to look like. Basically, you drag the brush on the screen and color magically appears. You must do this a million gazillion times, and then you win.



  • There is a secret level where you can mercilessly beat Bob Ross to death. It was added in by Darth Vader when Nobody was watching. In order to access it, you must select Bob's afro and then press lotsa buttons as fast as you can.
  • This shame was originally going to be released for the Nintendo Shamecube, but then it took longer to make than expected. Mostly because Dr. Hax kept throwing all of their computer monitors at Everybody.
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