The Guy Who Hates Everything

He hates Obama too

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: He wears glasses
Species: Human
Home: The internet
Death: Hated himself
AKA: Derrick
Likes: Hating stuff
Dislikes: Everything
Education: He learned how to hate
Occupation: Hating stuff
Known For: Hating YOU
UnRank: -50
Promotion: He didn't get a promotion because he hates promotions

The Guy Who Hates Everything hates everything. His actual name is Derrick actually. He runs a blogspot where he hates stuff such as himself. 


Ganonette and Ganon gave birth to The Guy Who Hates Everything in 1506 B.C. in Koridai. He was made as the prince of losers. Ganon held a B.B.Q at his house and invited Octorocks, Fatman villains, Bowser and the Koopalings, and Robotnik's family. Sadly the B.B.Q. was short because the Robotnik Kids looked down at Ganon and beated up everybody. Derrick escaped that day.

When The Guy Who Hates Everything was 18, he posted his first blog: "Why Mario Brothers Sucks". He gained tons of comments suck as "IT'S NOT ABOUT PONIES!" or "Call Of Duty Sucks.". He didn't care so he ruined other people's childhoods and feelings. One of the blog posts he made was "What's Up Wit Syria Obama". He got sued and was sent to Hyrule Prision for 15 years for hating Barack Obama. He only got to eat raw eyeballs for 15 years. He hated eyeballs & prison just to pretty much let you know.

He escaped from Hyrule Prison and made more blog posts about stuff that he hates. This time, It got even MORE offensive with stuff such as "What's Up Wut Syria Ducky" and offended his father. One of his last blog posts was one including why he hates Weegee. He became one of them that day, which makes him even more evil.

His last post was "Why You Sucks", which showed a pic of an angry Link and everybody hated him by then. Even Ganon. He also hated himself so he made a blog post about why he hates himself, which killed him. Everybody had a super funky chicken dance party at Ganon's house, with EVERYBODY invited. Even his arch nemesis, King Harkinian! They were pretty much dancing in The Guy Who Hates Everything's ashes, but got arrested because that's illegal I think.

Reasons why he hates stuff


  • He's fat.
  • He's Mario.
  • He's italian.
  • His show.
  • He isn't a brony.
  • Princess Peach.
  • Graphics.
  • Theories.
  • He doesn't have a gun.
  • It isn't a shooting Shame.
  • There isn't blood and gore.
  • It's rated E.
  • He's stupid.
  • He just watches Peach get kidnapped.
  • I hate everything.


  • Actually, he is a bit slow to be honest. I agree with Derrick this time.

Pics of stuff that The Guy Who Hates Everything hates

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