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Enigma Mystery
The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions.jpg
And to think, he calls himself smart.
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
On Fire (after Fatman was done with him)
Eye color: Masked
Species: Delusional Human
Home: The RIDDLE Lair! (We don't know)
Death: Information Overload
AKA: The Guy Who Asks WAY Too Many Questions
Likes: Having Someone Care About His Questions
Dislikes: Being Dumb (Too late for that)
Education: Has a degree in everything except Table Manners 101
Occupation: Gameshow host
Known For: Being too insane to ask questions
UnRank: 18
" Which came first, the chicken or the egg? "
  —The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions, right before getting rotten eggs thrown at him.

" Who Touched my gun? "
  —, The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions, while playing as Heavy

The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions (formerly known as Enigma Mystery) is a man who likes to ask questions, and then kill people and he's VERY ANNOYING! Did I mention he was annoying?


Was he born in Possum City, and raised to ask as many questions as he wanted? Yes. Did he start to ask more and more until he was constantly driving everyone insane? Yes. Did he turn into a villain, and try to attack people? Yes. Did he make Man Fat, but did Fatman sit on both of them, defeating them? Yes to both.


After surviving Fatman's sitting attack, diedafter asking his billionth question: "WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY?!"

Was his funeral held in Possum City? Yes. Did only Man Fat and Fatman show up? Yes. Did they start fighting during the funeral? Yes.

Favorite Number

The Guy Who Asked Too Many Questions did have a favorite number. He liked this number so much, he thought of it as superior to him. Here are some clues to guess what this number is:

  • This number curves, AND has a straight line.
  • This number has two main pieces.
  • This number represents everything he believes in.

And finally,

  • It is not a number at all. It is punctuation.

You guessed it! His favorite number is "?". The legendary question mark!

Note: Technically, the question mark is not a number. As aforementioned, however, it is to this man.


Yes, this guy had a brother. It is....(drumroll please) Creepy Mask Man!!!!!!!!!


  • He asked so many questions that he accidentally asked the question to 42. We still don't know what he asked when he said that but we are finding out.
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