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Not to be confused with the Bri'ish newspaper of the same name, or those weird things from Minecraft, or those dudes who guard the galaxy.
The (most stupidest) Guardian
"da signal is no work tho i hav no wifi in sewers"
Full name: Seemee Thomasmon Le Whito Tubby
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Species: Teletubbies
Home: The Sewers

(aka Secret Hideout, Secret Lair, Secret Layer, Teletubby Creation Machine, Monitoring Place, Pipe World, ect)

Alive or Dead?: can respawn (so he died but is also alive)
Death: Most recent death: getting a kick in da ass by SGT. Miles
AKA: the white bastard, W, White, Walter, Waltern, Sean Toman, Shon Toomon, Dipsy in a makeup, bad Dipsy cosplayer, Idiot, gfdfghjytgh, Custard Guardian, gfdfghjytgh2
Known For: Respawning anywhere and time travel 10 minutes before death
UnRank: -201220152017

The Guardian is a stupid Teletubby PC clone and the only one capable of being a true caretaker to the Teletubbies. Despite his vast stupidness, he is able to do simple tasks such as cleaning, washing, and most importantly; cleaning the Teletubbies' butts helping the Teletubbies make food. However, he needs a little help regarding simple tasks such as why the wi-fi isn't working, how you can eat food, and most importantly how to crap out a gun know why Hannibal Lecter is so powerful yet clumsy.

The Guardian's real name is actually Seemee Thomasmon Le Whito Tubby. He was born out of a trashcan, and was a result of a Telenuclear explosion. At first, he was just a simple PC. But after its user became stupid, it started humping the computer and the computer became sentient only to tell the Teletubby to stop. This was The Guardian's first moments.

" Henlo can plz stop? u stupid boi!! "
  —The Guardian, speaking his first ever words

After that, he was given the role of monitoring the four other Teletubbies (aka Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po). The Guardian lived in the sewers under a rock near the Teletubby Creation Machines. With gaming PCs everywhere yet not having Wi-Fi, he is able to NEVER EVER do anything the Grand Tubby Government want him to do. Due to not doing his taxes, an assassin named SGT. McNugget was sent to kill him. However, due to carrying a Portable Respawn Drive Tubbyhouse Co. Version 2.6, he respawned in the most overrated way, time travel . Now, knowing that Miles would attack him, he did the most logical thing ever. HE LET MILES KILL HIM AGAIN!!! This went on for 67 days before a Newborn Teletubby distracted SGT. Miles, allowing The Guardian to escape. Noo-Noo was angry at the guardian and gave him technician duty. By tricking this Co-Workers Teo Blue and Charlie Custordion, he was able to turn off the Wi-Fi in the satellite station (how). The Guardian got fired and was tasked of taking care of the Teletubbies and the Teletubby Newborns. That is his job now. 0.0001 seconds of shouting for The Guardian. Quite normally, SGT. Miles will visit (or, kill all the Teletubbies then scream swears at the guardian. Then again, they'll all respawn. I said he was a sergeant, never a smart sergeant). The Guardian was also used for for cloning, but due to people thinking the clones are White Tubby Terrorists, this was discontinued. The Remaining Clones either died or failed. The last 8 clones include Teletubby Brutes and a Clone that died. Q-Tubby doesn't like this failure and the brutes are killed off. Also to people who thinks The Guardian is dead, he can respawn. However, the clones cannot.