The Grinch with his abused dog

The Grinch is a mean one with a heart that is very small. He hates Christmas because he thinks no one deserves gifts. He is also a elite grouch of Grouchland, so hes able to leave Grouchland. He went to a small town that celebrates Chirstmas. The Grinch retreated to a cave to avoid Christmas. He also has a fat dog he likes to abuse because dogs are strange to him. Some people also think he just never got has normal bathroom break or his shorts were to tight,which were both true. But the main reason hes a grouch is because his heart is small.

Plan to destroy Christmas

The Grinch has a plan to destroy Christmas because he hates it.

  1. Dress up like Santa
  2. Dress up the dog like a reindeer
  3. Hook him up to a sled
  4. Go down to the town
  5. Go into peoples houses
  6. Stalk them and take presents
  7. Repeat 5 and 6 till all presents are gone
  8. If someone wakes up, be Santaish to them and tell them to go back to sleep.
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