Visiting Teletubbies
The Government Makes a Visit is the 6th episode in the Teletubbies (TV Series). In this episode, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and the government comes back to visit.


The Teletubbies have discovered that the stench of the rotten fumes from the Teletubby Land Acid Lake can entrance you in the worst way possible (in terms of outcome). So they became drug addicts. They became high, but when President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld showed up while thy were crashing from their Acid Lake  . The President tried to give a speech, but the Teletubbies were knocked out on the effects of Giygas' Kolk. So George Bush had the secret service kidnap them and throw them in prison.


Children did not understand this episode, and the children that did understand started doing drugs. MSNBC hated this episode because it showed Republicans.

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