Them hugging, because that's what good people Do. DUH

The Good Teletubbies are creatures who look exactly like the Evil Teletubbies, except they are nice, friendly and fun to play with. They live in the fun Nice Teletubbyland in their Tubby Dome, constructed by Good Tinky Winky. Each Teletubby enjoys doing something. Tinky Winky likes marching, Good Dipsy likes wearing his black and white hat, Good Laa-Laa likes singing and Po's Good Twin likes riding her scooter. What they think of the Teletubbies (2015 TV series) is that it SUCKS, and the evil Home Dome rips off their good Tubby Dome. They eat less evil knock-offs of Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast. Good Noo-Noo can be found in The Tubby Dome, along with what people call a Control Panel which the Good Teletubbies play with at times.
Because of how good Alt 1.0 is and because of how much she hates Alt 2.0, rumor has it she is joining the Good Teletubbies. The rumor turned out to be confirmed as true in the Teletubbies reboot episode "Meet Alt 1.0".


The Good Teletubbies were created by BBC in 1997 for no reason whatsoever. The current 4 are the descendants of the originals.

The BBC made them in a machine called the Tubby Maker, which they created also for no reason whatsoever. It wasn't named until after the Good Teletubbies were successfully made in it. The Good Teletubbies were created by putting water, honey, sugar, flowers, and rabbit fur into the machine. After 838291 failed attempts to create something good out of the machine, they were finally created.

The current 4 were created after the BBC wanted to recreate them, but forgot to add the water. Without the water, the Teletubbies that came out of the machine became evil. Then, the BBC noticed how similar they were to the Tweenies and realized they could use them for their own evil! mind-controlling purposes. That's how they began.

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