Strange design but okay.

The Furchester Hotel and Suites is a wierd hotel ran by members of the Elmo Gang. It is very complex and has death traps written all over it, and it's in the UnUnited Kingdom for some reason. It is very complex with multiple rooms so they can trap a variety of creatures, the suites are usually designed to kill whoever is there (example: In the room for Woodpeckers there is lotsa titanium painted to look like wood, and a Woodpecker would break it's beak as it cannot stop pecking.) (And It's Near A Kmart)

Problems occur on a daily basis here, such as the lift malfunctioning or the boiler overheating and exploding, all the drinks are Soda for rotting your teeth clean off. The food in the dining room is fake, with the only real food being the Cookies so you get fat, the doors don't swing open, and so, guys are locked out daily, the TVs play nothing but a stupid anime called Love live: School idol project! Over and over, and the list goes on and on. Protip: Don't go here.

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