The Fruit Gang was a band and a military unit in Pumkin World for many years. Unfortunately, in 1992, the band split up, and each member went their separate ways. This article features a short biography of each fruit and eps here they spare now.

The Pineapple

The Pineapple is the most evil fruit of The Fruit Gang in Pumkin World. He was trained by Mrs. Dictator to "maintain the peace" in Pumkin World. If a Pumkin steps out of line or calls out the government, then Pineapple will sourly kill it.

The Orange (aka Trevor the Orange)

Trevor is not the Annoying Orange, this is his drunk, SPANK addicted psychopathic brother. He is known for his legendary service in The Great Pumkin War as a jet pilot. Unfortunately, his drug addiction forced him to retire. He is now known as an anarchist and is known for committing an act of arson toward the Pumkin Courthouse.

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