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The Fresh Beat Band used to be a stupid show on Nick Jr. and Crap Network. It was created by Dipsy and Po in 2009, but Tinky Winky took over the show in 2013 and replaced it with Fresh Beat Band of Spies, which premiered 2 year later. Nobody liked Fresh Beat Band of Spies though, but even Chuck Norris liked the original. In late 2014, they started to broadcast the show again but it stopped in 2016, when the spin-off got finally cancelled by Laa Laa.

It was a good rip-off of bad shows like Hi-5 and Mister Maker, but when the creators of these shows finded out that it was a musical show, they cancelled Hi-5 and Mister Maker.

The show can be seen on CBeebies sometimes, but mostly at midnight.

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