The Freak With the Hood


The Force is a force and one of the most powerful Powers. With it, a master can do legendary things.


With the Force, you can force people to do things, force things to hit walls, force things to break, and force everyone to be idiots, and that's just for start! With the Force, you can achieve Idiot Manipulation, by forcing idiots to do things. Some evil people can use the force to shoots lightning and lasers. Unfortunately, you can't use the Force from 1:23 am to 1:27 pm on Wednesdays. That's when it's down for work. It doesn't matter what time zone you are in, unless you use DUMBST. Then, you can't use it from 816:1681 rm to 816:1792 rm.


The Five Components of the Force

There are five components that are vital to successful use of the force.

  • Glowing
  • Screaming
  • The knowledge that you are really just a lunatic when you use the Force
  • Standing there looking like an idiot
  • Evil Laughter
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