Fimbo fimbling feeling

Fimbo getting the fumbling feeling

The Fimbling Feeling is the magical thing were the Fimbles find something in each episode of the Fimbles (TV Series). When the fimbling feeling starts, Their Fingers, nose and topknot fall off, but they get them back by the time they find something. Pom loves getting it, which makes her angry as she doesn't get it in most episodes or times when it's not recording. Mostly it's Fimbo and Florrie who get it.

List of people who got it

Lots of people get this, not only fimbles.(Well, they try to)

  • Rockit (I'll get to detail on that later)
  • Sonic: Found a Chili Dog
  • Bowser: He got it while trying to kill Mario, and found a bomb that blew Mario up)
  • Roly Mo: Found a Book
  • Bessie the Bird: Found a scissors and cut her wing off.
  • Thumper: Not exactly!! (Fimbo Found HIM)
  • Ribble: Found a comb which Florrie killed him with.
  • Captain 1: Found a Gun to try kill Captain 0, but failed!

Rockit once got it when Florrie found a stripey cushion. (see Rockit's page for more info)

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