The Fault Is All Yours is a very awful movie based on a book of the same name by Reid Mockery. The movie was made by Mama Luigi Studios in 2014.


One day, there is a teenage girl who wakes up, only to find out that she had rabies. Suddenly, some teenage boy comes in and she bites her hand. Then the boy has rabies. Then they both go ape sh*t crazy and chase everyone else to have rabies. The end.


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The movie poster, duh. It uses the same thing as the book's cover.

Like the book, the movie was banned in 72 states and 8 countries because a teenager who watched this movie in a Hyrule Cinemas location said that they might jump out of the screen and bite his hand to give him rabies. He also said that he would rather watch Toilet Paper - The Movie than this. The movie was awarded Worst Film In History at the same time with If I Pay.

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