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The Fakegee War was a terrible event that took many lives. All of the Fakegee's wanted power, and decided to kill each other.

It's unknown who started the war. Short list of important event:


  • Lalleo tries to commit suicide by throwing himself in the ocean, but fails because he can swim.
  • Marigi eats lotsa hamburgers.
  • Waleegareo attacks Wagalleo.
  • Walalleo and Walleo start fighting each other.
  • Daizeh kills Waleegario.†
  • Marreoh eats lotsa innocent people. †
  • Sqeegee kills Meegee with his special move. †
  • Leegee stabs Walalleo from behind and starts fighting Walleo. †
  • Innocent people get caught in the crossfire.
  • Marigi takes on Marreoh in an "who eats the most stuff" battle.
  • Meegalleo tries to kill Meegario.
  • Sqeegee kills Daizeh with his special move.†
  • The scratch cat kills Leegee. †
  • Marreoh eats Leegee's body.
  • Lalleo suddenly gets assaulted by Albert Einstein and Will Smith. †
  • Many more innocent people die.
  • Marreoh trys to eat The scratch cat but eats brown Gum instead.
  • Weegee and Malleo appear and end the war by vaporizing Meegalleo, threatening to kill Everybody else if they don't stop fighting.. †




The scratch cat also survived. (to everyone's surprise)