All of them in their glory

The Eye Monkeys are a group of monkeys that all have special powers that involve the use of their eyes. They are all gods! This group of monkeys were NOT formed by the monkeys joining together and meeting up with each other at Starbucks and talk about creating this group. It was a bunch of scientists that couldn't taxonimize them so they just made this group to put them in which is a pretty stupid name because some of the members aren't even monkeys. Originally, 0 Chimpanze was going to be in this group, but he was too evil for them and his name was really retarded so they decided not to add him.

Both NaN and Chuck Norris liked these guys, so they decided to turn the Eye Monkeys into semi-powerful gods (not Undefeatables) who save peope and sometimes act cocky. They currently reside in Fort Monkey.


People Who Are Not Allowed In This Group

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