The EVil Mess

The Evil Mess is the twelfth episode of the Teletubbies (TV Series), and the first one to feature Bob Saget. It is also the first time in television history that the F-Bomb was dropped more than 200 times in one episode of anything. Biased Ratings and Namco attempted to have this episode removed from the Internet, but then Google said it could stay.


The episode opens to a beautiful view of the plains. The narrator talks about how Teletubby Land is such a beautiful place. The beautiful flowers... the beautiful grass... the beautiful bloodstains... it's just perfect. Then Dipsy walks up and shoots the stupid narrator.

Dipsy then curses the gods for daring to send such a stupid reported. As smart as he is, you'd think Dipsy would end it there. But instead, he continues to tell the gods how stupid they are. Bob Saget, being the god of Hell, walks into Teletubby Land. He then proceeds to kick butt and take names. Dipsy is left as a pile of scraps.

Instead of running for their lives, the other Teletubbies attack Saget. He rips them apart and splatters them all over the land. He then shoots fire and lasers at everything in sight. After he leaves, Noo-Noo (the only smart one) comes out of his hiding spot and and cleans up the mess.

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