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The Evil bag is the 29th episode of Teletubbies.Tinky Winky's bag comes alive and kills everyone.


The episode starts with Tinky winky walking around with his bag.Tinky Winky shows his bag to Dipsy.Tinky hits dipsy with his bag. Then Dipsy punches tinky straight in the face. Tinky winky continues walking around with his red bag. Suddenly, He notices a button on the right corner of the bag. He presses it and it magically comes to life. It then assassinates Tinky Winky.Then it grows legs so it can walk. Dipsy is eating some Dipsy Doodles and Pie when the walking bag comes in and kills him. Meanwhile, Russian Bombers are talking to each other about how Teletubby Land is crime-filled and don't like their evil little place, so they decide to bomb the place.

Back at Teletubby Land, Laa-Laa is arguing with Thumper when the bag comes in and invades their argument. Thumper is still arguing with laa laa so She kicks him in the Teletubby Land Acid Lake. Laa-Laa, who is looking at the bag, fights it. The bag wins. Then the Bag Goes up to Po, who is dancing around stupidly. The bag creeps up behind her and Kills Her. Then the bag kills everything else. The Furbies, Boohbah, Lemmings,Stickmen, The Evil Gorilla And the Teletubby Land Bunnies.The bag then sees Doddy and WaMr. L having DINNER Together. The Bag kills them both. Everything in the land was destroyed.

Back to the bombers, They decided they want to bomb the land NOW!. So, At the land, Everything was Mutilated by the bag. But just then, The bombers burst over a hill and start shooting at the bag. The bag was getting holes in it, destroying the bag and making it die with all the rest. The Russian Bombers then escape back to Soviet Russia, Leaving Teletubby Land as a destroyed, Wrecked place.


Despite They were called bombers, The bombers shot the bag. They didn't bomb it, which is stupid.

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