The Dress in its place of discovery.

The Dress or Dress is an anomalous dress that should not exist. Everytime an individual stares at it and when asked what colors he/she sees, that certain individual will have a 5/7 chance of stating that its color scheme is black & blue or white & gold. It is a very odd object since it confuses people about its coloration.


Nobody knows how it came to existence. All we know is that in 2015, while 12 archaeologists were digging for an artifact, they accidentally dug out the Dress. The Dress was then relocated back to the Museum of Natural History to commence examination. When scientists and archaeologists finished the examination, they started stating the color scheme of the said artifact. The archaeologists saw the dress as white and gold while the scientists saw it as black and blue. It was then publicly shown into public to know how people see it.


After its discovery, a photograph of the Dress was quickly put into the Internet. That is when it started to spread throughout servers until eventually, it made it to this wiki. This Dress is weird. That's all we can say about it.

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