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The Diner is a chain of legendary restraunts in Pumkin World and Arlen. It is home to butter and salt. It is the favorite restraunt of basically every Pumkin ever born. The original Diner was one of the first businesses in Pumkin World. Nobody knows what the outside of it looks like, except for those who played the cursed Hungry Pumkin Game.

Pumkin World Diner

The original Diners are located in Pumkin World. Today it is the most successful business there. Every Pumkin goes to The Diner because of Mrs. Dictator's mandate stating:

Cquote1 All Pumkins who are capable of breathing must go to either The Diner here in Pumkin World, or The Diner in Arlene, those who do not will be forced into a brutal boot camp to prepare you for war. Cquote2
Section 9, Line 13 of the Pumkin Constitution written by Mrs. Dictator and forcefully thrust upon the citizens

Not many Pumkins break this law, why? Well, it is a little known fact that Pumkins are extremely addicted to butter. Going without butter long enough can kill a Pumkin. This addiction has been exploited by Hank's Freedom Fighters, but it is really this addiction that keeps the Pumkins on an evil and hostile adrenaline rush that causes them to do freaky, evil things you could not imagine.

Arlen Diner

Hank Hill's Time As An Employee

Hank Hill once worked at The Diner in Arlene, and sometimes invited his friends. Hank used to think that it was a good side job form selling propane and propane accessories, but everything changed when the Hungry Pumkin arrived. He demanded the butter, without any kindness or compassion in his voice, Hank doesn't care for a**holes like him, so he tried to set him straight. He kept telling him, NO!, but the Hungry Pumkin doesn't take insults lightly. He will do his best to make sure you give him what he wants, even of it involves physical assault, or calling in his evil comrades. He is known for taking the Alene restraunt by storm. Hank always caved into his demands, despite the deep, psychological pain it caused him. After a few encounters with the Hungry Pumkin, he quite, and decided to fight for his homeland, and freedom.

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