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The logo of The Cult Of Greeny Phatom, which looks as bad as the show it's attributing to.

Just when you think that Po's plan for Greeny Phatom failed, it garnered a bunch of supporters who're not right in the head. When the show got cancelled for good reasons, these stupid people got mad. They screamed "GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED" to many, and they demanded their chicken tendies. The screeching wasn't enough. Together, the idiotic supporters formed The Cult Of Greeny Phatom, right?

WRONG! Po found out of these people, and decided to form a cult out of Greeny Phatom, where the dummies can go to. The cult's actually a terrorist recruitment center mean't to destroy every single brodcasting channel's whereabouts, and rebuild them into Teletubbies Broadcasting Companies.

Activities of the Cult

  • Eating babies
  • Get into internet fights
  • Make poorly-made fan videos of Greeny Phatom
  • Lie about said videos
  • Reading Terrorist Guidebooks
  • Worshipping a statue of Little Guy
  • Attempting to destroy broadcasting companies
  • Glorifying closing logos

Members of the Cult


  • The reason why Po made a cult out of her show is due to inspiration from Scientology, and wanted to have a prison camp herself.
  • Hyness is particularly against them, but he is also fairly nutty. (He worships The Loud House, for fleep’s sake!)