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Slowly drifting through space.

The Clangers' Planet is a small, rather blue planet created by the BBC to host the Clanger race, with a surface made of ice, limestone and regolith, you can find it in the Estrella Starsystem.

The planet is covered with hollow craters that are covered by trash can lids. They lead to hollow caverns of limestone, these are where the Clangers live their lives, pick blue vines for Blue String Pudding and beg for Green Soup from The Soup Dragon, but you can also use the front door. It was created by making a ball of the previous 3 materials, and then getting some Red Beam UFO Attachments mixed with Mushrooms, and flung the ball in the air to use the lasers to make it grow, but it glitched out when it was slightly bigger than Mercury.

Some fact thingies


Clangers specialise in machinery, specifically Major Clanger, who spends his days making robots, they also do music, thanks to two Music Trees, however, it obviously shouldn't be trusted, and do not listen to it with headphones.


The currency of this planet are Clanger Coins, they are bronze Cs, so uh, yeah.

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