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The Chosen One
The Chosen One
The Chosen One.jpg

FIRERY FISTS!!! (Vision of him from Animator vs. Animation IV pictured)

Gender: NA, referred as a male
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Unknown
Species: Stick figure, symbol, program
Home: Somewhere in the Internet.
AKA: Jerry the Victim (Original programming)
Likes: Destroying stuff
Dislikes: Being deleted, Alan Becker
Education: NA
Occupation: Chaotic Troublemaker
Known For: The stick figure who can break computers
UnRank: 100,000

The Chosen One (Originally Victim) is a destructive stick figure who was drawn by Alan Becker and programmed to be evil by Googolplex. He was honored as the 60th member of the Satanist Empire.

He was once an enemy of Alan Becker, but is now a friend.

The Chosen One has a brother who is an orange stick figure known as "The Second Coming" and gained a bit more abilities. Despite being less powerful, The Second Coming redeemed himself sooner due to his ability to communicate.


The Chosen One is brash, arrogant, and very hostile, He is also able to convince his enemy The Dark Lord to destroy Alan Becker's PC.


The Chosen One has fought him three times, once trapped in a chest but managed to break free, making friends with The Dark Lord and destroying Alan's computer, and escaped with his friend before it blue screen. After this he would become a terrorist and wreak havoc on the Internet for 6 long years, and breaking many websites such as Yahoo!, Stickpage, Newgrounds as well as the Angry Birds. before settling down and buying a digital house on a satellite in the countryside for him and his The Dark Lord, who'd become his roommate. 2 years later he'd have a disagreement with The Dark Lord about ViraBot.exe, thinking he would decimate the stick figure population. However The Dark Lord couldn't be reasoned with, and the virus got launched to Alan Becker's computer. Of course he had to destroy it before the virus killed everyone, and saved The Second Coming and the stick figures from sticksfight.com from ViraBot.exe in the process before going back to the Internet. It's unknown what happened to him after this.

He discovered the Satanist Empire in 5009, and was led to it by Googolplex as he offered him to join, and he concurred to join, and he was honored as their 60th member before it got destroyed by a random somebody.


Animator vs. Animation (original)

His origin as "Victim".

Abilities (Gained chronologically)


Animator vs. Animation II (original)

He's renamed to "The Chosen One".

Overtime, The Chosen One/The Second Coming has gained abilities over the years. One thing to note that it involves fire, so this does mean he's an elemental.

  • Creates fire magic right in front of the enemy.
  • Can shoot lasers out of his eyes.
  • Has the ability to breathe fire.
  • Able to crush the ground/create an earthquake.
  • Gains the ability to create things by drawing them.

How to beat him

  1. Ask Proto or any anti-virus software to trap him, that usually works as he is recognized as a virus.
  2. Close Adobe Flash.
  3. Turn off your computer.


  • All your internet are belong to him.
  • Before destruction, he and Grand Dad were the only members of the fallen Satanist Empire that were viruses or bootlegs.
    • By an extent, they were the only hackers alongside the founder, Googolplex.
Emperor of the Satanist Empire
(5200 - 1,181,828,288)
1,181,828,288 - 2,000,000,000,000 Googolplex (Revived)
(2,000,000,000,000 - Today)
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