Cquote1 I'm in your computer, stop me if you can you stooped jerk. Cquote2
The Chosen One
The Chosen One
The Chosen One

FIRERY FISTS!!! (Vision of him from Animator vs. Animation IV pictured)

Gender: NA, referred as a male
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Unknown
Species: Stick figure, Computer virus
Home: Satanist Empire and somewhere in your computer.
AKA: Jerry the Victim (Original programming)
Likes: Hacking everything
Dislikes: Being hacked or deleted
Education: NA
Occupation: Computer virus
Known For: The computer virus with a personality.
UnRank: 1 Giggol

The Chosen One (AKA formerly Jerry the Victim) is a virus stick figure who was programmed by Googolplex and was given a personality, and was also honored as the 60th member of the Satanist Empire.

He has a friendly rivalry with Snoof from Mixels, who also identifies as "The Chosen One" and refuses to not call himself that.


Originally Victim, The Chosen One (real name victim.swf) was brash, arrogant, and very hostile. He is also excited to go to war or hack people, but he started to change after his former friend, The Dark Lord was going way too far with attacking their creator, Alan Becker.


The Chosen One originated as in 2006 as "Victim", which was a very long time ago before 5008, which is the year where the Satanist Empire originates. He was drawn by an animator, but then he started hacking his computer.

The Chosen One has fought him three times, but then he escaped his computer and wrecked havoc on the internet for 8 long years.

He discovered the Satanist Empire in 5009, and was led to it by Googolplex as he offered him to join, and he concurred to join, and he was honored as their 60th member before it got destroyed by a random somebody.

The Chosen One has a brother who is an orange stick figure known as "The Second Coming" and gained a bit more abilities. Despite being less powerful, The Second Coming redeemed himself sooner due to his ability to communicate.

He's destroyed websites multiple times, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, Instagram, and even 4chan. However, the most notable ones were Yahoo!, Newgrounds and Stick Page. Also of note is that the latter three were documented by Protegent's grandfather, Protegent Gupta II.
Animator vs

Animator vs. Animation (original)

His origin as "Victim".

Abilities (Gained chronologically)

Animator vs

Animator vs. Animation II (original)

He's renamed to "The Chosen One".

Overtime, The Chosen One/The Second Coming has gained abilities over the years. One thing to note that it involves fire, so this does mean he's an elemental. He can do any of these abilities both on the computer and in real life.

Animator vs

Animator vs. Animation III (original)

He's free, my gosh....

  • Creates fire magic right in front of the enemy.
  • Can shoot lasers out of his eyes.
  • Has the ability to breathe fire.
  • Able to crush the ground/create an earthquake.
  • Gains the ability to hack accounts and vandalize them.
  • Gains the ability to get into phones.
  • Gains the ability to create things by drawing them.

After he enters NASA's mainframes

  • Launch missiles from nearly anywhere
  • Drop Rods From God
  • Organize space programs
  • Hack nearly anything

After entering Google's servers

  • Can create independent or dependent entities (artificial DeepMind evolution)
  • Gains intellect (Google Search)
  • Can produce localized reality warps (DeepDream)


  • He is the only virus who is an undefeatable currently. Some near-Undefeatables are viruses, or can spread viruses, but he is the only truly undefeatable virus.
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