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" Woooooaaaaah! I am the Candyman! "
  —The Candyman's rollcall.
The Candyman
I am the Candyman!
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Species: Human
Home: Candyland!
Likes: Candee!!!!!!
Dislikes: Anything related to meat or vegetables.
Occupation: Spreading a mess of candee around the globe and possibly space too.
Known For: The ultimate candee lover
UnRank: 1,346,265

The Candyman (Or simply just "Candyman") is a guy who looks like the Medic with purple clothes and wields a giant candy cane for his primary weapon.

He loves the Teletubbies and candee so much to the point that he hates anybody who likes a single meat, real fruit, or vegetable or anyone who is NOT a minion of the Teletubbies like himself. He also targets a single person who hates candee. He still targets people if they like both healthy stuff and unhealthy stuff (Candee specifically).

He's seen hanging out with Painis Cupcake, SoupCock Porkpie, Vagineer, Ass Pancakes, Piss Cakehole, and 4chan Sniper 24/7.


Aqua - Lollipop lyrics

His theme song, and proving he LOVES candee.

Main targets

  1. Super Meat Boy (Eats meat)
  2. Billy Herrington (Eats meat and vegetables)
  3. Karkat Vantas (Eats meat)
  4. AkaRed (Eats vegetables)
  5. Heavy Weapons Guy (Eats meat)
  6. Feferi Peixes (Eats fish-like food and sushi)
  7. Equius Zahhak (Eats meat and drinks protein)
  8. Abomasnow (Eats vegatables)
  9. Tsareena (Eats real fruit)
  10. Tavros Nitram (Eats meat and vegetables)
  11. Aradia Megido (Eats meat and vegetables)
  12. Spongebob Squarepants (Eats meat and vegetables)
  13. Patrick Star (Eats meat)
  14. Flygon (Eats vegetables)
  15. Garchomp (Eats meat)
  16. The Hulk (Eats eggs)