The Awesome One Kicks Bowser's Butt

The Awesome One Kicks Bowser's Butt

The Awesome One Kicks Bower's Butt is an epic shame starring The Awesome One with Bowser as the antagonist and Mario as the loser who does nothing.


When the shame starts, Bowser is sneaking up on The Awesome One's silhouette. He is trying to steal his awesomeness, but fails epically. Then, The Awesome One does all sorts of stuff to kick Bowser's butt. Mario comes up, and tries to help, but gets smashed by The Awesome One's awesomness. While the flattened Mario walks away, The Awesome One uses all of his awesomeness to rescue his awesomeness from Bowser, and then tells him that he is not allowed to breath fireballs anymore. Of course, he still did, but The Awesome One didn't care.


  • The Awesome One was in this shame, so it was epic. Everyone loved it. Biased Ratings didn't even rate it, because it would be biased.
  • Also The Awsome One kicked Eviler Bowser's butt but not Super Eviler Bowser's, but it was too epic the last guy trying to make an UnAnything page for it immediatly exploded when looking at the Shameplay. Thats why no one ever plays the game now a days.
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