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The Awesome One
Nobody has ever seen his face.
Gender: Awesome
Hair color: Awesome
Eye color: Awesome
Species: Awesome
Home: Awesomeland
Death: Never
AKA: Mr. Awesome
Likes: He has no dreams, as he can not get any higher than he is now.
Dislikes: He is fearless
Education: Infinity*Infinity*Infinity*Infinity*99999999999999999
Occupation: Being Awesome
Known For: Being the Awesomest Guy in the world
Alignment: Lawful Good
UnRank: Infinity

The Awesome One is a legendary figure known for being one of the greatest and most awesome people in the universe. He is known for doing all sorts of things you wish you did. He was even so awesome he was able to match OVAR 9000!!!1!!!1!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!11  rounds with Chuck Norris before being pwned all the way to Planet X. He is also the mother of Bruce Lee. His car is a awsomee Camaro of doom.


The Awesome One was born on Earth and Mars at the same time. Only he knows how this happened. Then, while he was still a baby, he was an adult. 

He joined the pirates, the ninjas, the vikings, the Romans, the good ones, the evil ones, most gangs, and some other secret groups. He stayed with them for infinity, but only stayed with them for five minutes. After that, he starting conquering the world. After that, he discovered millions of planets, and claimed them all. Then, he started blowing stuff up. He`s both good and evil at the same time.

He had many adventures with other people. The Awesome Shame is a shame based off of his most famous adventure. The Awesome One Kicks Bowser's Butt is another. He was also in The Awesome One Meets Sonic. He was also in The Awesome KABOOM and made a cameo appearance in Sonic Vs. Mario.

Eventually, he went to A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away, and he met Freak with the Hood. Freak asked him if he wanted to be an apprentice, and he said yes, but he was the master, but he was the apprentice. Then, he was awesome during many missions, and eventually got shot during one. But he is almost Undefeatable, so he got up, and kept fighting. But then he saw most of his allies die, and he stabbed himself. He did this because he cannot die. Instead of dieing, he turns into a maximum awesome ghost that is even more awesome. He turned into a ghost, but now can only come out at night. He started haunted Freak, but when he died, he moved onto haunting Ronald McDonald, Peach, and Monkey Creatures.He had a brother called Awesome Guy who resides in LazyTown.

Chuck Norris has cursed this page due to jealousy. BEWARE!

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