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The Adventures of Virtual Boy is an action-adventure shame made by Nintendo designed for the Virtual Boy. In fact, it is the only shame you can play on the Virtual Boy due to Shigeru Miyamoto's attempts to run the company into the ground. It was released in 1942, and was the last shame to be made by Miyamoto before he was fired.


The Adventures of Virtual Boy goes something like this: There is a boy. And he is virtual. His name is Dr. House, but Everybody calls him Virtual Boy for the course of the shame. It starts with him working on a patient in the hospital. At this point, young children and the elderly would have already had a Seizure from the graphics. If not, the first level is about killing the patient in the most violent way possible.

If the player successfully kills the patient in a particularly violent way, level two is about running from the police. They are lead by Officer Weirdo and Captain 0 (who isn't actually in the police). The goal of level two is to evade the police for four hours straight. If the player fails, the shame instantly activates its mind control capabilities, turning the player into a zombie. If the player is not caught for four hours, he moves on to level three.

Level three is nothing more than the Virtual Boy somehow hurting the player. The most common way is to explode, but there are other methods built in. Hackers have even exploited a Spartan Laser glitch that will instantly turn any copy of the shame on level three into a spartan laser. This often kills the hacker in the process.


The shame was the most popular on the Virtual Boy. In other words, a holiday was created specifically for dishonoring this shame, as well as the shaming system itself. The shame generated negative reviews everywhere from Rotten Tomatoes (which game it a -3 out of 10) to Biased Ratings (which gave it a "YOU SUCK" out of 12).


  • ESRB: M for violence, blood and gore, intense language, alcohol usage, and OVER 9000 accounts of murdering players.
  • PEGI: 3+ for Happy Time (they were drunk when rating this shame)
  • Squadala Ratings: SQUADALA for SQUADALA, SQUADALA, SQUADALA, and violence.
  • The King's Official Rating System of Hyrule: 4 DINNERS.
  • China: BANNED ('Cause, you know, it's China. They ban stuff.)
  • Idiot Ratings: 87+ because they're idiots.
  • Wario Ratings: 11+ because Wario liked it.
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