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The Stupid One

The Adventures of The Stupid One was a stupid show made by stupid people on Earth starring The Stupid One. The show was banned because of stupid content. It is very popular in the Loserverse, but hated everywhere else.


Some Stupidsts without success planned to make a show about their god. They FAILED.


  1. The Stupid One - The Stupid One becomes stupid.
  2. The Stupid One is Stupid - The Stupid One gets paralyzed by an episode of Teletubbies.
  3. The Stupid One must DIE- The Stupid One gets visited by Ganon, and uses The Stupid One`s Attack.
  4. I Hate Fatman- The Stupid One thinks Fatman: The Movie is good, and gets stupid.
  5. OH NOES!!!- The Stupid One gets visited by Chuck Norris and The Awesome One. They fight, and The Stupid One dies.
  6. Nothing happens- nothing happens.
  7. The Stupid One DIES- The Stupid One gets killed by Mister Kooper2, and the show finally ends???
  8. Oh NO- The Aduventures of The Stupid One turns not out to be finished, creating worldwide protest.
  9. Wario Farts- Worst. Episode. Ever.
  10. The Stupid One is Dumb, part 1- The Stupid One plays Fatman: The Shame, and gets stupider.
  11. The Stupid one is Dumb, part 2- The Stupid One watches the Super Mario Super Show, and gets even stupider.
  12. The Stupid One is Dumb, part 3- The Stupid One steals Bombs from Morshu, resulting in WTF- BOOM, and then the show finally ends. YAAAY!


The Adventures of The Stupid One was long thought to be the UnWorld's stupidest show.. This show is the reason why Earth is a stupid place (but Keeping Up with the Kardashians didn't help).


There was going to be a movie to the tv show, but the stupid creators didn`t know that Everybody hated it. When the movie was going to come to the cinemas, people became very scared of such stupidness. Even the Fatman Movies were better. The film was cancelled `cause everybody hates such a stupid show.

DVD Release

When The Aduventures of The Stupid One was released on DVD, the Second Teletubby War did start. It was banned from stores worldwide. And You did buy it.


  • Is... it.. The Stupid One

The show is banned in the entire UnMultiverse.

The Aduventures of The Stupid One... On DVD!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!