The ABC word is a very naughty word that is used to make kids very... NAUGHTY.

The ABC word was first used in a banned episode of Sesame Street where Elmo wanted to teach the alphabet to You, but it turned out to be a huge swear word with all letters combined. Only half of the episode aired once in North Hyrule when it was currently being vandalized. The only person who watches Sesame Street in North Hyrule was Bowser Koopa Jr. because he is a baby. That's why Bowser Koopa Jr. is very... NAUGHTY. So far, the only person who has used it is the Angry Video Game Nerd in one episode that was immediately deleted. It first happened when he was playing HaloBob GunPants 2: Resurrection and soon discovered Malleo Kart 64, the worst game on shelves. He said the ABC word because he knew that it sucked and he swears a lot.

What is the ABC word?



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