The Second Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (Yes, there was a second) is basically The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny but with different fighters. But since no one recorded it, we had to do some work. (Joy! But if you want to make an animation, screenshot, or song of this, then please submit it to user CrazyMew37. Here is a template for the music:

Also, when this event took place, It is said that an entire Universe was deleted. However, Eevee was Revived because of it. It is also said that this battle was way shorter than the first.


[Verse 1]
Bonzi Buddy was adventuring
The Remains of Tokyo City while littering
But then Spongebob and Patrick appeared out of Nowhere
And Bonzi decided to kick both of them with his hair
Patrick got triggered and Kicked Bonzi back
But them Bonzi yelled since he was on crack
Which then called down Ho-Oh and Luiga Too
And the two crushed Patrick and Bonzi (Woo)
The two were dancing and laughing and then
Spongebob knocked them out with a frying pan
And Luigi just happened to drop in
And Spongebob brought out his Jellyfish Net
But Luigi decided to make him bet
If Mario or Wario was better or not
Spongebob said no since it they were bad a whole lot
And Luigi Squashed Spongebob like a meteor that was hot

This is the second showdown of ultimate destiny
Newcomers, Veterans, and explosions as far as the eye can see
And only one will survive I wonder who it will be
This is the second showdown of ultimate destiny
(During the Chorus, Sonic speeds and runs at Luiga, causing him to fly across the Ruins. Freddy Fazbear stuffs himself with Teletubbies, and gets dismantled by it. Also, Ho-Oh flies and attacks a UFO, successfully destroying it.)

[Verse 2]
Godzilla came out of the water with Mario along
And then Pac-Man hit them with a big fat dong
But then was killed by Neil Armstrong
But his good ol' rocket was exploded by Crash
But Player 1 moved him into a pit in a Flash
Suddenly Monika busted out of his computer
And shot him in the heart with a Cupid Shooter
Player 1 saw a light and died since he bled
Which made Monika wish she was dead
But then Natsuki came out and ate him out of the blue
So Monika decided to delete her and her crew
But she was prevented to some good ol' lag
And all of them got corrupted do to a now broken Mac
Out of the House came Yo Mama
And Since she was so Ugly she froze Luigi and Gudetama
But then she was Scorched by Godzilla, so HA.

(During this Chorus, Tails flies down only to be Destroyed by a Shoop Da Whoop. Also, a corrupted version of Monika and her Crew get spotted by Missingno., which then chases them in love. A Toon throws a pie at a Cog, causing him to explode, but the Toon soon gets killed by a Flattening from Big Chungus. Hat Kid appears, but then gets Crushed by a Thwomp, which then the Thwomp gets Electrocuted by Pikachu. Sandy Cheeks, SMG4 looking derpy, and Wario also pass by during the camera pan.)

Captain 0 then Spawns... at the Crack of Dawn...
And a did a Ritual... Which was Minuscule...
And he sang a Chorus... which then revived Chuck Norris...
But then Captain 0 was Betrayed... And he was then slayed...
Everyone saw this... and most of them Pissed...
As Chuck then got Laid... And Kicked R.O.B in the Face...
Miku hugged Chuck's Leg... Which then she got Swallowed by the Meg...
Chuck was mad and boy that's bad,... And Slapped the Meg and got a few lads...

[Verse 3]
Then Mega Charizard, A guy who's Blue
And Batman, Invader Zim and Ash Ketchum too
And Squidward, and a Dog who likes Turd
And Micheal from VSauce, and Micheal from FNAF
Minions, Luke Skywalker, Glass Joe, and Peter Giffin
A Mii, Dinosaurs, and the Suicidal Muffin
Dora the Explorer, and a World or two
Troll Face, Sailor Moon, Hitler, and Earthworm Jim (Moo!)
All got snapped out of existence
By Thanos, who was far from a distance
Then Goku came, and Chuck Norris crawled
And all 3 of them had a battle of it all
But Thanos snapped again
And a whole Universe was deleted with a grin
One still survived, and the rest have died
It was that one kid who liked ice cream, what a guy!

(During the last chorus, The Sole Survivor is making an Ice Cream Universe with black and white clips of the 1st and 2nd showdowns being shown.)

Showdown Participants

The 2nd Showdown is the Sequel to the Ultimate Showdown, and this time Bonzi Buddy, Spongebob, and Patrick started the fight. This is a list of the fighters who appeared from first to last. Characters who are Major or have more than three phrases are in Bold.

Order Fighter Manner of death and other notes
Introduced during the first verse
1 Bonzi Buddy He was the one who started the battle, and also was killed by getting crushed by Ho-Oh.
2 'SpongeBob SquarePants Spongebob banged Ho-Oh and Luiga with a Frying Pan. Luigi kills him by Crushing him.
3 Patrick Star Kicked Bonzi Buddy. Was Killed by getting crushed by Luiga
4 Ho-Oh Crushed Bonzi Buddy. Also Destroyed a UFO. Death not Mentioned.
5 Luiga Crushed Patrick. Also got launched away by Sonic. Death not Mentioned.
6 Luigi Killed Spongebob by Crushing him. Froze into stone by Yo Mama.
7 Mario Was only Mentioned in the First Verse, but appears in the Second. Was seen with Godzilla, and fell off from him because of Pac-Man. Death not Mentioned.
8 Wario Was only Mentioned in the First Verse, and appeared briefly in the Second. Death not Mentioned.
Seen during the first chorus
(These fighters were in the animation, but not mentioned in the lyrics.)
9 Sonic Ran into Luiga, causing him to fly across the screen. Death not mentioned.
10 Freddy Fazbear Tried to stuff some Teletubbies inside of him, but got dismantled trying to.
11 Teletubbies Dismantled Freddy. Deaths not mentioned.
12 UFO Got destroyed by Ho-Oh attacking it.
Introduced during the second verse
13 Godzilla Got hit in the face by Pac-Man. Also burned Yo Mama. Death not Mentioned.
14 Pac-Man Hit Godzilla in the face before getting ran over by Armstrong's Rocket.
14 Neil Armstrong Killed Pac-Man with his rocket. Killed by his rocket from Crash Bandicoot throwing Aku-Aku at it.
15 Crash Bandicoot Threw Aku-Aku at Armstrong's Rocket, destroying it. Falls in a Pit because of Player 1.
16 Player 1 Kills Crash by controlling him to fall into a pit. Bled to death from Monika's Cupid Shooter. Also got eaten by Natsuki.
17 Monika Killed Player 1 Accidentally by shooting him with a Cupid Shooter. Tries to delete herself, but gets corrupted instead. MissingNo. tried to chase her, too. Death probably not Mentioned.
18 Natsuki Eats the corpse of Player 1. Monika tries to delete her, but fails and instead gets her and the rest corrupted. MissingNo. Tried to chase her, too. Death probably not Mentioned.
19 Yo Mama Stoned Luigi and Gudetama. Got Scorched by Godzilla.
20 Gudetama Stoned by Yo Mama.
Seen during the second chorus
(These fighters were in the animation, but not mentioned in the lyrics.)
21 Tails Killed by a Shoop da Whoop.
22 Shoop da Whoop Kills Tails. Death not Mentioned.
23 MissingNo. Chases down Monkia and her Crew. Death not Mentioned.
24 Toon Threw a Pie at a Cog, killing it. Crushed by Big Chungus.
25 Cog Killed by a Pie.
26 Big Chungus Crushed Toon. Death not Mentioned.
27 Hat Kid Crushed by Thwomp.
28 Thwomp Electrocuted by Pikachu.
29 Pikachu Electrocuted Thwomp. Death not mentioned.
30 Sandy Cheeks Death not Mentioned.
31 SMG4 Death not Mentioned.
"Captain 0 then Spawns... at the Crack of Dawn..."
32 Captain 0 "Revived" Chuck Norris. Betrayed by him and got killed.
33 Chuck Norris Kicked R.O.B in the face, got Laid by Miku, and Slapped the Meg to death. "Died" from Thanos' Snap.
34 R.O.B Kicked in the Face by Chuck Norris. Death Not Mentioned.
35 Hatsune Miku Laied Chuck Norris. Swallowed by the Meg, but was saved by Chuck.
36 The Meg Swallowed Miku, only to get slapped to death by Chuck Norris.
"Got Snapped by Thanos or appeared in the 3rd Verse"
37 Mega Charizard Death from Thanos' Snap.
38 A Blue Guy Death from Thanos' Snap.
39 Batman Death from Thanos' Snap.
40 Invader Zim Death from Thanos' Snap.
41 Ash Ketchum Death from Thanos' Snap.
42 Squidward Tentacles Death from Thanos' Snap.
43 A Dog who likes Poop Death from Thanos' Snap.
44 Micheal (VSauce) Death from Thanos' Snap.
45 Micheal Afton Death from Thanos' Snap.
46 Minions Death from Thanos' Snap.
47 Luke Skywalker Death from Thanos' Snap.
48 Glass Joe Death from Thanos' Snap.
49 Peter Griffin Death from Thanos' Snap.
50 A Mii Death from Thanos' Snap.
51 Dinosaurs Death from Thanos' Snap.
52 Suicidal Muffin Death from Thanos' Snap.
53 Dora the Explorer Death from Thanos' Snap.
54 A World or Two. Death from Thanos' Snap.
55 Troll Face Death from Thanos' Snap.
56 Sailor Moon Death from Thanos' Snap.
57 Adolf Hitler Death from Thanos' Snap.
58 Earthworm Jim Death from Thanos' Snap.
59 Thanos Killed numbers 38-59. Also Snapped himself out of Existence.
60 Goku Tried to kill Thanos, but was snapped out of Existance.
The ultimate victor
61 Sole Witness of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Somehow survived Thanos' Snap and built a Universe out of Ice Cream. Undefeated (Winner)


  • This song was technically made for the 10th anniversary for the first song, but it was actually made instead for the 11 and a half year anniversary.
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