Terraria Giygas

Giygas after manifesting himself

Terraria is game for Atari 2600, Game Boi, Bowser's iPhone, Android, Xbox 360, CD-i and NintenD'oh 3BS. The entire shame itself is awesome, and the only people who play it are pros and winners. In fact, it was released RIGHT when Sanic Teh Gaem was released!

The makers of Terraria deny that they copied Minecraft when coming out with their game. Madison's army infiltrated the Terraria maker's studio and were shot on sight.

Eventually Giygas snuck himself into the shame using Toast and started making the slimes and stuff go hostile, it's impossible to hack Giygas out of Terraria. due to the technical knowledge needed. Current scientists predict that it will take OVER 9000 years to get Giygas out of Terraria.

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