Teringtubbies is an evil TV Series created by the Teletubbies because their show wasn't popular. So they made a show called Teringtubbies starring the worst possible actors they could find. They only made 6 episodes plus a direct-to-video movie. It could only be shown on TV in Hyrule.



Dipsy calls Tinky Winky and Po on a telephone.
Teringtubbies Telephone

Teringtubbies Telephone



The Teringtubbies have a party.

Do the Flowers smell Nice

Po dosent think the flowers smell nice while Laa-Laa does.
Teringtubbies Do the Flowers Smell Nice?

Teringtubbies Do the Flowers Smell Nice?

Do the Flowers smell nice?

Po hates the flowers

Po urinates on the flowers.

The Final Conflict

Laa-Laa shoots Tinky Winky but then Po shoots Laa-Laa.


Wonky Donkey goes to Teringtubby Land, but is killed by Teringtubbie Dipsy.


There was a movie simply called "Teringtubbies: The Movie" released direct-to-DVD on August 4, 2005. The plot of the movie is a ripoff of Po Colors!.


In 2007, the Teringtubbies were arrested by the FBI while on a trip to the United States of UnAmerica on charges of public indecency. In reality, they had been wanted long before that for selling kidneys on the black market.


  • The episode "Telephone" might've been Alt 2.0's inspiration behind the Tubby Phone.
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