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" Justice is blind, it's a thing. "
  —Terezi Pyrope
Terezi Pyrope
Terezi on acid. She's still managing to be cool, though.
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
Zodiac: Libra
Species: Troll
Home: Panama (Born in Alternia)
Occupation: The "West" of the Twelve Trolls of Homestuck
Known For: Representing Libra
UnRank: xkcd Number

Terezi Pyrope is among the twelve Homestuck Trolls who fight for justice and save the day. Like the other eleven fellow members, she is a supporter of Pink Guy.

Like the other eleven Homestuck trolls, she represents a Zodiac sign, Libra.

Her signature color is teal.

Also based on her sign, she represents the West. Since that, she decided to make Panama into a democracy.

Recently she mastered Chinese Qi and gained the power of the Chinese Symbol of the White Tiger of the West, making her more powerful than before. Similar things happened with with Karkat VantasGamzee Makara, and Aradia Megido and gaining the powers of their respective symbols.

In the Troll Massacre of 2020, Terezi was murdered in cold blood by Zaktan of the Piraka, but revived promptly by Pepsiman with Pepsi Convoy.