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Captain 0 small.svg No info.
Template documentation follows
Note: the template above may sometimes be partially or fully invisible.
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It's for userboxes.
Here's a blank one
But make sure to delete parameters you're not using, and do not exceed the vertical/horizontal dimensions of other userboxes for tiling purposes.
|type bg=
|info bg=
|type color=
|info color=
|type font size=
|info font size=
Here's an example one for reference:
|type=[[File:Captain 0.svg|{{userbox imagesize}}]]
|info=I love UnAnything!
|type bg=silver
|info bg=gray
|type color=black
|info color=black
|type font size=14
|info font size=9
In case you're wondering what "color" is, it's the text color.