Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder (sometimes called Good Ole Bob for no particular reason) is a builder that goes around fixing other peoples homes in a evil way (Yipes!). He uses a cement called Cementygas to appear. That's why 1,000,000 billion homes have been destroyed by Bob. He is even part of the Elmo Gang.

He grew up studying criminology and chemistry to be tempted to destroy peoples homes and use different chemicals (and yes, Ethanonic Acid and Antimatter) to create the evil cement yet, Cementygas. He also studied technology to build some evil and helpless vehicles that cause a lot of havoc while building fixing houses with Cememtygas.

His Cementygas has caused problems for pretty much everyone else in the UnUniverse, especially Mario. Military forces were involved with this incident and emerged with heavy artillery. There are also signs of green mutant guys, dead nurses, soldier ghosts and demonic robots. Now a mutated disease is being spreaded around the Unverse. Police forces are attempting to get the Teletubbies to kill Bob. Bob has now been arrested for life 400,000 times. He is guided by his asisstant and lawyer, Squilliam Fancyson.

Some people thought he was the human form of a stick figure named none other than This is Bob. He encountered him eventually. (More...)

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