Character Infobox

if you update this also update {{Species Infobox}} and {{Undefeatable Infobox}}

Use the coding to make an infobox on a page. For example:

{{Character Infobox
|name = Bowser Koopa
|image = Ugly Bowser.jpg
|imagesize = 250
|caption = Bowser the Koopa King
|gender = Male
|hair = Orange
|eyes = Red (Because he's evil)
|species = Turtle/Dino/Dragon
|home = [[Bowser's Castle]]
|death = None, he's immortal
|AKA = Lord Bowser<br>King Bowser<br>Evil Bowser<br>Koopa King
|dream = To Conquer the [[UnWorld]]
|fear = Mario<br>[[Bowser's wife|His wife]]
|education = Taught how to be evil, and king of koopas
|occupation = Leader of the Koopa
|known = Being king of koopas
|alignment = neutral evil
|rank = 50,000,000
|quotes = yes
|gallery = yes

Makes this:

Bowser Koopa
Ugly Bowser.jpg

Bowser the Koopa King

Gender: Male
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Red (Because he's evil)
Species: Turtle/Dino/Dragon
Home: Bowser's Castle
Death: None, he's immortal
AKA: Lord Bowser
King Bowser
Evil Bowser
Koopa King
Likes: To Conquer the UnWorld
Dislikes: Mario
His wife
Education: Taught how to be evil, and king of koopas
Occupation: Leader of the Koopa
Known For: Being king of koopas
Alignment: Neutral Evil
UnRank: 50,000,000

Here is a blank one:

{{Character Infobox

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