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Shut up twinky

Tinky Winky is very good at speaking Telugu.

Telugu is the language spoken by the Teletubbies. They taught Alt 2.0 to speak it. Telugu is the most evil language ever. It is also really hard to learn. The only languages harder to learn than Telugu are Babbleish and Squadala.

It is mainly spoken in Teletubby Land. It is also spoken in India and in some parts of the Squadala Empire. In The end and beyond..., everybody speaks it. This is because the Teletubbies turned the entire UnMultiverse into the Neotubby Empire. However, the form of Telugu spoken in the end and beyond is actually a creole of Telugu, English, Chinese, and Furbish.

Some Telugu phrases are "Eh-oh!" (hello) and "Again-again!" (again). Furbish is closely related to Telugu. Is is thought that both Telugu and Furbish are descended from Cantonese, which is a dialect of Chinese. This is because the Telugu words "yat" (one), "yo" (two), "saam" (three), "sei" (four), "faai" (fast), "maan" (slow), and "di" (-er) have the same meaning as Cantonese words that sound the same. However, this is really because Po can't make up her own language, so she steals words from other languages.

Some people in India speak a modified dialect of this.

Amba Paluku Jagadamba Paluku - 3D Animation Telugu rhymes for children

Amba Paluku Jagadamba Paluku - 3D Animation Telugu rhymes for children

The #1 hit Telugu song in the world.

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