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They all look genetically engineered.
Scientific name: Ventervision gigantoventer
Habitat: Junkyards
Natural range: Telotub Land
Time alive: ???? - The end and beyond...
Size: Average height is 5 foot 4
Edible? No
Tastes like: Acrylic paint
Preys on: Bubuhz
Is preyed upon by: Humans
Intelligence: Sapient
Conservation status: Uncommon, but not endangered
Alignment: Stupid

The Telotubs are rivals of the Teletubbies. They wanted to be more famous than the Teletubbies, and tried to make their own show, though it is not as popular as the Teletubbies' show. They only made one episode (which was about one minute) because their heads can easily fall off. They hate the Teletubbies and have tried to kill them lots, but they always failed as they had none of the Teletubbies powers, and were stupider. They live in Teletubby Land, in an abandoned junkyard they have claimed as Telotub Land, where they live in Tub tower, which is a lamer version of Tubby Tower, which is much smaller and weaker. They also eat Tub Custard and Tub Toast.

The origin of the Telotubs is unknown for certain, as they are not part of the Teletubby race, and yet they look similar to them. Some believe it started when Adolf Hitler wanted a group of aliens to help his rampage so he typed in evil on Google and the first thing that came up was the Teletubbies who often invaded many areas of the UnWorld. He then created a rip-off an original idea called the Telotubs. At first, his determination meant that when Do was created, she as a very good copy of Po. He then created Doopsee who was clever and was full of wisdom. Tonky Wonky was a mechanic, though not as good as Dipsy, and Yaa-Yaa was just a plain waste of space (Hitler grew overconfident after Do, and the Telotubs grew worse). Another theory is that Mr. Clipboard drew them on his first day of preschool, but they accidentally came to life, destroying the preschool. Another states that both of these are correct.


Louie.png Louie's Notes

Uhh, don't eat this, it doesn't taste very good, and it has some side effects including, but not limited to: Nausea and Fever.