Fear it.

Not to be confused with the Tubmarine, which is owned by the Teletubbies.

The Teletubmarine, aka "the infamous pirate ship of the sea", is a large pink sea vessel owned by A.S. Swipe. Originally owned by the Teletubbies, it was given to A.S. Swipe as a reward for him being a selfish asswipe. It is used as not only a storage for the rare objects that A.S. Swipe collects, but also as a weapon to defeat stuff. Various Teletubby minions and clones work here to serve A.S. Swipe, also lent to him by the Teletubbies themselves and armed with AK-47s. A Chain Chomp also lives here, which A.S. Swipe captured himself.

The Teletubmarine itself has quite a large arsenal. It's loaded with several torpedoes and missiles and even a few meant to simply incapacitate or paralyze instead of obliterate. It's quite sturdy, too, and can withstand a lot.

The original Teletubmarine is said to have been capsized by Godzilla, and everyone within it, including A.S. Swipe, probably drowned. However, it is rumored that A.S. Swipe indeed survived and is working on a new model. As the original Teletubmarine had an anti-tracking system, we can't be sure.


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