Not to be confused with the almost exact same thing: Teletubby Clones

Teletubby robots disguised as Tinky Winky

Teletubby Robots are robots made by the Teletubbies to help them kill people. (duh)

Originally, the Teletubbies were just going to make Teletubby Clones, but then, Po wanted more destruction and more power, and requested that robots were made. Dipsy agreed, and built the robots. Being a crazy geinius, he thought it would be brilliant if the robots could be disguised as he clones, so he made them so they could.


A unmasked Teletubby Robot.

The robots, being made of metal, like metal. So they listen to metal music whenever they can. When on the battle field, they often turn the volume up so high, it defeats the enemy by making their ears explode. Also, they can speak in metal communication. Nobody understands the metal communication but them and Alt 2.0 (because she is a robot, too), though.

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