That's no firefly squid there.

The Teletubby Land Acid Kraken is a towering giant squid that lives in the Teletubby Land Acid Tunnels, a series of waterlogged tunnel systems of which were hidden from most of Teletubby Land under it's gigantic lake of acid until it was ravaged by green inflatable Morph Suit guys dropping bombs, which opened a fissure in the Acid Lake. It's 500 feet tall, that makes it bigger than the Stature of Liberty, but only 1/8th the size of the now gone Tubby Tower.

The Acid Kraken usually swims through the Acid Tunnels, eating Giant Isopods that have adapted to the corrosive substance. After the Acid Lake was refilled, however, it began to come up there every now and then to slaughter Teletubby Land Bunnies and even some of the Teletubbies if they are nearby. The monster dosen't usually stay up for too long, for it can easily dry out. The Acid Kraken's thrashing tentacles, thankfully, have no suckers to help grab onto prey. The creature usually causes numerous bubbles to rise out of the fissure and makes the ground shake whenever it surfaces.

It can be tamed with Idiot Manipulation (since it's a wild animal) or Weekend Pickles, but you're gonna need special powers or good aim, and it usually only lasts for a single day or two. This creature is one of the few things Teletubbies fear of...or at least treat with any semblance of respect, really.


  • It's bigger than Godzilla and is technically a kaiju, since, y'know, it has that, "kaiju aura" stuff.
    • Related to Gezora, maybe?
  • Nobody has studied it's biology yet, though the UnAnythingTeam has plans to.
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