Teletubby Hat
The Teletubby Hat is a deadly hat owned by the Teletubbies. It may look normal, but it is very dangerous and can do almost anything.

It was created by Dipsy in Tubby Tower, who was jealous of The Cat in the Hat's hat so made a copy of it. It can do anything the cat's hat can, but can only be used by Teletubbies and their allies.

Teletubby Hat can't be destroyed unless you say it's self-destruct password. The hat was hidden by Po in another galaxy. Some say that the Teletubby Hat is the main power source of the Teletubbies that keeps them powerful.

Teletubby Hat

On Oct 4, 2002. The telescope that the highly-trained monkeys created detected someting strange floating in the atmosphere. Abraham Lincoln claimed that it was the Teletubby Hat. NASA hired Chuck Norris to use his super farts to fly in space and take the detected stuff.

Chuck Norris did what he was told. He used his super farts to fly into the atmoshphere and take the detected something. When Chuck Norris went back to Earth, the detected something was just a random crap.


The pattern of the Teletubby hat looks like a cow's skin.

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