Death Star

The Teletubby Death Star

The Teletubby Death Star is a Death Star used by the Teletubbies. It is used when particularly powerful Energy Blasts are needed. The Teletubbies enjoy using it, but it uses a million kilolitres per kilometre, so it is not used often thanks to the monstrous costs of merely using it.

Originally, the Death Star was owned by the evil overlord Freak with the Hood and his apprentices. But Po, being the nosy jerk she is, decided to steal the plans to the Death Star. she successfully did it, and kicked Dipsy until he agreed to build one of his own.

After the Teletubby Death Star was completed, Po got in, and realized she has no idea how it works. Dipsy smiled, and declared himself captain of the Teletubby Death Star. Po sorted that out, and continued his quest for global domination. However, it was destroyed by Super Eviler Bowser and because of what he did, the Teletubby War finally came to an end.

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